Another WIP for the Monster Anthology

I can’t wait to completely redesign the Helframe again next time I draw it :y


Megg - Max

Derek - Rutherford


Here’s more Monster Anthology progress :D

Some close ups of how Emilia and Rutherford’s demon/devil forms are coming along.

I guess I gotta design some kind of Yeti devil thing for Rutherford to have consumed at some point.

Some lady with a sword I dunno I just put shapes together and she happened

Francoise is a cute name I guess she can have it

-throws her in the pile of characters that probably won’t get drawn again for months-

Oh hey look a bunch of nerds I never draw.

Had some old drawing lying around of Cain and Cayenne hugging more or less done for too long so I touched it up a little and then threw Iris in because you cannot stop me

Hello. i admire your style and characters, especially the teeth monster Enamel. Do you mind if I draw her?


Thanks, go for it!




I-is Daisy okay with fluffy things hugging her on impulse? Because I really wanna do it. ;u; *Hug.*


Derek, is it okay if I use some of your art for character art in a tabletop game I'll be playing in? Nothing that'll be getting money or broadcasted around, but I know some artists are iffy about such things anyway and you're super cool enough that I'd rather not tick you off if you're against the idea!

That’s… probably okay? Yeah

Thanks for asking ahead of time though :3


A bunsplosion for Merri because birthday


Late birthday present for BIG NERD Rinzu of her little witch girl Pepper!


Late birthday present for BIG NERD Rinzu of her little witch girl Pepper!